About DOXIL®

Questions to ask your doctor about DOXIL®

What is DOXIL®?

DOXIL® is an intravenous (IV) prescription medication prescribed by your doctor to treat multiple myeloma. It is a type of chemotherapy drug known as an anthracycline.

When DOXIL® is prescribed to treat relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma, it is used in combination with VELCADE® (bortezomib)—another type of cancer medication.

If you have questions about VELCADE®, you should ask your doctor or nurse.

Anthracyclines—one group of cancer drugs

Anthracyclines are a class of drugs that have been used for many years. Anthracyclines cause cancer cells to die by damaging the DNA, or the genetic makeup, of the cancer cells.

How is DOXIL® different?

DOXIL® is a specially coated form of doxorubicin that starts with the active agent, doxorubicin, and covers it with 2 layers of protective coating. This coating allows DOXIL® to evade detection and destruction by the immune system, which increases the time the drug is in the body. As a result, DOXIL® has more time to reach the tumor tissue, where the medication is released. However, DOXIL® may also affect normal tissue.

If you have more questions about how DOXIL® is different from other anthracyclines, ask your doctor or nurse.

How is DOXIL® different?

Who should not receive DOXIL®?

You should not receive DOXIL® if you have had a severe reaction to doxorubicin HCl (Adriamycin®) or to the other components of DOXIL®. Be sure to discuss any allergies you may have with your doctor or nurse. Women who are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or nursing should not receive DOXIL®. If you have questions about whether or not you should receive DOXIL®, be sure to ask your doctor or nurse.

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