Infusion Instructions

1. Assess baseline clinical status

  • Prior to each dose, vital signs, complete blood count and liver function should be monitored
  • Assess for signs and symptoms of hand-foot syndrome and stomatitis
  • Make sure appropriate medications to help treat infusion-related reactions and emergency equipment are readily available

2. Start IV line with D5W

  • Inspect for particulate matter
  • Do not use with in-line filters
  • Do not rapidly flush the infusion line

3. Do not mix with other drugs

4. Start DOXIL® infusion at 1 mg/min to minimize the risk of infusion reactions

  • For information about infusion-related reactions, click here
  • If no infusion-related adverse reactions are observed, the rate of infusion can be increased to complete administration of DOXIL® over 1 hour

DOXIL® should be considered an irritant and precautions should be taken to avoid extravasation.

Important Infusion Tips

  • DOXIL® does not require a central venous catheter
  • Do not administer by the intramuscular or subcutaneous route
  • Do not administer as a bolus injection or an undiluted solution
  • Do not rapidly flush the infusion line

Drug Interactions

No formal drug-interaction studies have been conducted with DOXIL®. DOXIL® may interact with drugs known to interact with the conventional formulation of doxorubicin HCl.